It would be nice if Toronto residents learned to pay their

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It would be nice if Toronto residents learned to pay their

Nota por rain13 » Jue Abr 07, 2016 11:17 pm

Five thousand. Ten. Fifteen. Twenty. Twenty-one, $22,000 going once, going Long Evening Dresses twice and — sold — to the gentleman at the back of the house. People whistled, stood up and cheered, applauding an epic end to a worthy evening.Women’s Wear Daily hyped it with a cover that proclaimed, “The Battle of Versailles.” Five French designers (Marc Bohan for Dior, Pierre Cardin, Emmanuel Ungaro, Yves Saint Laurent and Hubert de Givenchy) would loosely ‘compete’ against five U.

S. counterparts (Halston, Oscar de la Renta, Bill Blass, Anne Klein and Stephen Burrows). It was the Rumble in the Jungle of fashion. “It was promotion to just repair a roof, they didn’t think it was major — but the Americans took it very seriously,” offers one pundit in the documentary.

Even after she started a relationship with ice cream machine salesman Manfred Hinterberger and divorced Holz, he refused to move out, she told the court on Monday.“Through rehab we had to change the technique on the lift a little bit,” Radford said. “It’s hard to put your finger on it.”Re: Consider Toll Lanes On The DVP, Sept.

27.More than 20 years ago I moved out of downtown Toronto because I could not afford to buy a house there. Now a Toronto councillor wants me to pay for the “privilege” of getting to work by charging me to use the Gardiner Expressway.When will Torontians accept the fact that the reason they are facing an economic crisis is that they don’t pay enough property tax to fund the services they demand? My mill rate is about 35% higher than someone with an equivalently priced house in Toronto, a reality repeated throughout Ontario. It would be nice if Toronto residents learned to pay their own way.I do, however, appreciate the irony of moving to Evening Dresses On Sale “the burbs” to afford a house, only to discover that I may now be subsidizing the absurdly low taxes in Rosedale and the Annex.Ian McVay, Brampton, Ont.The city airport in Iqaluit, Nunavut, looks like a giant yellow Lego castle. Locals call it the “butterscotch palace,” sitting, as it does, on the graybrown tundra. On this day, the castle was busy with Newfoundlanders and Labradorites leaving on a month’s furlough after a season working in the mines; Mexican and Russian circus performers who’d been brought in for an arts festival; a wayward Korean film crew; and local Inuk men and women, making me feel as if I’d wandered into a Tom Waits video shoot. After collecting my bags and disembarking into the frigid June air, I was approached by a small Inuk woman who poked me in the chest and said that she’d seen my picture in Reader’s Digest, which I thought bode well for my trip. This proved to be the case when, after checking into the Frobisher Inn, which sits on a rock-strewn hill over the city, I was called into town by a woman from Iqaluit Tourism, who told me that an eleven-foot long polar bear was being skinned in front of the bank, and that I should probably — no, certainly — go there.In Cross’s book, the Details editor who put Nirvana on the magazine’s cover says that, “grunge is about not making a statement, which is why it’s crazy for it to become a fashion statement.” Andrea Linett adds to this, observing that grunge wasn’t about the style of clothes, but about the styling approach. Linett, now a creative consultant, was the fashion editor of Sassy magazine for the famous?Kurt and Girls Special Occasion Dresses Courtney cover shoot. Cobain?would not be styled in any clothes but his own.And one company — Taylor & Colt — hopes to capitalize on this growing market segment by franchising its concept of catering to wealthier, professional clientele.“We’re trying to have policy across the province line up with the letter of the law, and so that’s the responsibility of the trustees and the boards,” Eggen said Monday outside Government House. “The vast majority of Albertans want equality and justice for all students, including those with different gender identities.Lupita Nyong’o, recent Oscar-winner who can do no wrong on the red carpet. Correction: that headband at the Oscars was a slippery slope. It was the green tufted cage dress heard around the world. The headpiece? The brown underpinnings? The matching shoes? Someone tweeted a photo of Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease 2, as the “Girl for All Seasons” number of a trapeze dress made to look like a Christmas tree. Touché.As for the shoe shine shop, Robert from Red’s appears in the film shining up those boots for Reese’s muse, a young model who lives in Detroit who caught the designer’s eye.Re: Danish Zoo Kills Two Lions And Two Cubs One Month After Euthanizing Giraffe, March 26.Upon witnessing the carcass of two-year-old Marius laying inanimate on the ground — only to be mauled and dismembered by lions — I stood with incredulity at the realization that all of this was a response to control inbreeding at the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark.

This time, I stand again, not with incredulity, but with outrage, upon hearing that the same zoo put four lions on death row, including two healthy cubs.

It would be nice if Toronto residents learned to pay their own way