Ben cheap air jordans Carson was

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Ben cheap air jordans Carson was

Nota por bbons49m8ey » Vie Abr 08, 2016 6:28 am

to introduce Americans to Lenny Skutnik, the government file clerk who two weeks before had stopped his car to jump into the icy Potomac River and help a woman who had survived a plane crash reach a lifeline to a helicopter.

It seems unlikely that any of the life-saving heroes who come our way took action in expectation of winning prizes and glory. But retelling their stories just might,cheap air jordans?inspire others to emulate them in extremis.

One thing we could certainly do to encourage heroism is to quit punishing it. Take the case of Cody Pines,cheap real jordans, a junior at Huntington Beach High School in California. A video went this month showing him stopping a schoolyard attack on a younger blind kid by decking the assailant. One punch from Pines put him on the ground.

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